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27. April 2020 | Virtual


Given the Covid-19 situation and the physical CHI 2020 not taking place this workshop will happen virtually. Stay tuned for more updates.

While aspects of spectatorship in gaming and esports are receiving increased attention, research efforts in this space are still mostly independent from each other. The workshop aims to bring researchers and practitioners from different disciplines together to promote interdisciplinary exchange, to increase awareness, and establish a community and collaborations on the subject matter. It aims to foster discussion on how technology and HCI can help to transform the act of spectating games and particularly esports from a passive (watching) to a more active – and engaging – experience. However, spectatorship in general is complex phenomenon that can vary and take on many different forms and its quality can be influenced by a variety of factors such as the quality of the commentary. The workshop aims to address these challenges by considering how technology has the potential to empower viewers, to make games more accessible for the audience, to spark interest, and to stimulate a feeling of togetherness.

Important Dates

11 February 2020 18 February 2020: Submission deadline
28 February 2020: Acceptance notification
25 April 2020: Workshop day